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Definition of unaware adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/ˌʌnəˈwɛr/ unaware pronunciation American
[not before noun]
not knowing or realizing that something is happening or that something exists
unaware of somethingHe was completely unaware of the whole affair. unaware that…She was unaware that I could see her. antonym aware unawareness
unawareness pronunciation American
noun [uncountable]
Usage notesAWL Collocations: awareaware adjectiveconscious; informedacutely, keenly|fully, perfectly|consciouslyBy the late nineteenth century, physicists were keenly aware that light, like sound, propagates in waves.becomeMembers become aware of their group identity only by achieving a shared understanding with other group members.make someoneIn conclusion, this policy makes students aware of a growing controversy in the scientific community.aware adjectiveincreasinglyWe are now increasingly aware of the impact of lifestyle on health status.environmentally, politically, sociallyRecent scholarship has demonstrated that Wheatley was a socially aware poet, writing for an audience she knew and understood.unware adjectivecompletely, totally|apparently, evidently, seeminglyApparently unaware of Newcomb's work, Benford ended up proposing the same logarithm law.awareness nounenhance, heighten, increase, raise|promote, fosterThe program fosters international awareness among students.