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Definition of swap verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


verb (also swop)
/swɑp/ swap pronunciation American
swapping, swapped1 [intransitive, transitive] to give something to someone and receive something in exchange swap (something) (with someone)I'm finished with this magazine. Can I swap with you? swap something for somethingI swapped my red scarf for her blue one. swap somethingCan we swap places? I can't see the screen.We spent the evening swapping stories (= telling each other stories) about our travels. swap someone something for somethingI swapped him my CD for his posters.2 [intransitive] to start doing someone else's job, etc. while they do yoursI'll drive there, and then we'll swap on the way back.3 [transitive] to replace one person or thing with another swap someone/something (for someone/something)I think I'll swap this sweater for one in another color.IDIOM

change/swap places (with someone)

(usually used in negative sentences) to be in someone else's situationI'm perfectly happy—I wouldn't change places with anyone.change placeschange places withswap placesswap places with