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Definition of summary noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/ˈsʌməri/ summary pronunciation American
plural summaries a short statement that gives only the main points of something, not the detailsThe following is a summary of our conclusions.a news summarya two-page summary of a government reportIn summary, this was a disappointing performance.Usage notesAWL Collocations: summarysummary nouncontain, give, offer, present, provideThe last section provides a summary of the key findings.brief, concise, succinct|descriptive, detailed|excellentSee Nord, 1997, for a more detailed summary.The well-respected historian Frederick Hodge presented a succinct summary of this argument.~ of findingsThe paper concludes with a summary of findings and recommendations for future research.summarize verbaccurately|briefly, concisely, succinctlyA study of this scope must accurately summarize the ideas of numerous philosophers.In the next section of this article we will briefly summarize our, finding, result|literature|argument|recommendation|conclusionIn a recent report, UNICEF summarized the global data by regions.This article summarizes recent literature on the diagnosis of pneumonia.