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Definition of statue noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/ˈstætʃu/ statue pronunciation American
a figure of a person or an animal in stone, metal, etc., usually the same size as in real life or larger
a bronze/marble statuea statue of Apollo
Usage notesTopic Collocations: Fine Artscreating artmake a work of art/a drawing/a sketch/a sculpture/a statue/an engraving/an etching/a printdo an oil painting/a self-portrait/a line drawing/a rough sketchcreate a work of art/an artwork/paintings and sculpturesproduce paintings/portraits/oil sketches/his most celebrated work/a series of printspaint a picture/a landscape/a portrait/a mural/in oils/in watercolors/on canvasdraw a picture/a portrait/a cartoon/a sketch/a line/a figure/the human form/in charcoal/in inksketch a preliminary drawing/a figure/a shape/an outlinecarve a figure/an image/a sculpture/an altarpiece/reliefs/a block of woodsculpt a (portrait) bust/a statue/an abstract figureetch a line/pattern/design/name into the glassmix colors/pigments/paintsadd/apply thin/thick layers of paint/color/pigmentuse oil pastels/charcoal/acrylic paint/a can of spray paintwork in bronze/ceramics/stone/oils/pastels/watercolors/a wide variety of mediadescribing artpaint/depict a female figure/a biblical scene/a pastoral landscape/a domestic interiorhave/express/depict/illustrate a traditional/mythological/historical/religious themecreate an abstract composition/a richly textured surface/a distorted perspectivepaint dark/rich/flesh tonesuse broad brush strokes/loose brushwork/vibrant colors/a limited palette/simple geometric formsdevelop/adopt/paint in a stylized manner/an abstract styleshowing and selling artcommission an altarpiece/a bronze bust of someone/a portrait/a religious work/an artist to paint somethingframe a painting/a portrait/a piece/an artworkhang art/a picture/a painting/a piece/an artworkdisplay/exhibit modern art/someone's work/a collection/original artwork/ drawings/sculptures/a piecebe displayed/hung in a gallery/museuminstall/place a sculpture in/at/on somethingerect/unveil/dedicate a bronze/marble statuehold/host/mount/open/curate/see an exhibition/exhibitbe/go on exhibitfeature/promote/showcase contemporary works/a conceptual artistcollect African art/modern American paintings/Japanese printsrestore/preserve great works of art/a fresco