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Definition of solitary adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


/ˈsɑləˌtɛri/ solitary pronunciation American
1 [usually before noun] done alone; without other peopleShe enjoys long solitary walks.He led a solitary life.2 (of a person or an animal) enjoying being alone; frequently spending time aloneHe was a solitary child.Tigers are solitary animals.3 (of a person, thing, or place) alone, with no other people or things around synonym singlea solitary farmA solitary light burned dimly in the hall.4 [usually before noun] (especially in negative sentences and questions) only one synonym singleThere was not a solitary shred of evidence (= none at all). solitariness
solitariness pronunciation American
noun [uncountable]Even as a boy he was given to solitariness.