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/ˌsɪməˈlærəi/ similarity pronunciation American
plural similarities
1 [uncountable, singular] the state of being like someone or something but not exactly the same synonym resemblance similarity (between A and B)The report highlights the similarity between the two groups. similarity (to someone/something)She bears a striking similarity to her mother. similarity (in something)There is some similarity in the way they sing.They are both doctors but that is where the similarity ends.2 [countable] a feature that things or people have that makes them like each other synonym resemblancea study of the similarities and differences between the two countries similarity in/of somethingsimilarities in/of style similarity to/with someone/somethingThe karate bout has many similarities to a boxing match. antonym difference
Usage notesAWL Collocations: similarsimilar adjectivebroadly, generally|highly, remarkably, strikingly|superficially|qualitatively|quantitatively|conceptually|structurallyThe two methods gave qualitatively similar patterns.~ to|~ to each other/one another|~ to that/those ofOur results are similar to the research findings outlined in the literature review.They spoke a language similar to that of the Aztecs.dissimilar adjectivehighly, markedly, strikingly|not entirelyIf the model has too few classes, highly dissimilar plants are treated as if they were identical.~ to/fromHayek's earliest view was not very dissimilar from Schumpeter's.similarity noungeneral|close, remarkable, significant, striking, strong|superficial|apparent|structuralThis finding also bears a remarkable similarity to other studies that examined educational performance.assess|find|share|bear|exhibit, reveal, showAlthough the microelectronics and biotechnology industries share certain similarities, the two differ in numerous ways.~ among/between|~ to/withThe findings of our study call attention to a striking similarity between both groups.