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Definition of receive verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/rɪˈsiv/ receive pronunciation American


1 [transitive] (somewhat formal) to get or accept something that is sent or given to you receive somethingto receive a letter/present/phone callto receive information/payment/thanks receive something from someone/somethingHe received an award for bravery from the police department.


2 [transitive] to experience or be given a particular type of treatment or an injury receive something from someoneWe received a warm welcome from our hosts. receive somethingEmergency cases will receive professional attention receive severe injuries

react to something

3 [transitive, usually passive] to react to something new in a particular way receive something + adverb/prepositionThe play was well received by the critics.The proposals have been favorably received by most political commentators. receive something with somethingThe statistics were received with concern.


4 [transitive, often passive] receive someone (with something)receive someone (as something) (formal) to welcome or entertain a guest, especially formallyHe was received as an honored guest at the White House.

as member of something

5 [transitive] receive someone (into something) to officially recognize and accept someone as a member of a groupThree young people were received into the church at Easter.


6 [transitive] receive something to change broadcast signals into sounds or pictures on a television, radio, receive programs via satellite7 [transitive] receive something/someone to be able to hear a radio message that is being sent by someoneI'm receiving you loud and clear.

in sports

8 [intransitive, transitive] receive (something) (in tennis, etc.) to be the player that the server hits the ball toShe won the toss and chose to receive.

be at/on the receiving end (of something)

(informal) to be the person that an action, etc. is directed at, especially an unpleasant oneShe found herself on the receiving end of a lot of at the receiving endbe at the receiving end ofbe on the receiving endbe on the receiving end of