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Definition of panorama noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


/ˌpænəˈræmə; ˌpænəˈrɑmə/ panorama pronunciation American
1 a view of a wide area of land synonym vistaThere is a superb panorama of the mountains from the hotel.The mountain's peaks offer a breathtaking panorama of Phoenix.2 a description, study, or set of pictures that presents all the different aspects or stages of a particular subject, event, etc.a panorama of rural life since the Middle Ages panoramic
/ˌpænəˈræmɪk/ panoramic pronunciation American
adjective [usually before noun]a panoramic view over the valleya panoramic window (= one from which you can see a wide area of land)
Usage notesThesaurus: viewsight scene panoramaThese are all words for a thing that you can see, especially from a particular place.view what you can see from a particular place or position, especially beautiful natural scenery: The cottage had an amazing ocean view.sight a thing that you see or can see, especially something that is impressive or unusual: It's a spectacular sight as the flamingos lift into the air.scene a view that you see, especially one with people and/or animals moving about and doing things: It was a pleasant rural scene.panorama a view of a wide area of land: The mountain's peak offers a breathtaking panorama of Phoenix.patternsa view/panorama of somethinga beautiful/breathtaking view/sight/scene/panoramaa magnificent/spectacular view/sight/panoramato take in the view/sight/sceneto admire the view/sight