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Definition of official adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/əˈfɪʃl/ official pronunciation American
1 [only before noun] connected with the job of someone who is in a position of authorityofficial responsibilitiesthe governor's official residenceHe attended in his official capacity as mayor.This was her first official engagement.He made an official visit to Tokyo in March.2 [usually before noun] agreed to, said, done, etc. by someone who is in a position of authorityan official announcement/decision/statementaccording to official statistics/figuresthe official biography of the PresidentAn official inquiry has been launched into the cause of the accident.The country's official language is Spanish.I intend to lodge an official complaint (= to complain to someone in authority).The news is not yet official.3 [only before noun] that is told to the public but may not be trueI only knew the official version of events.The official story has always been that they are just good friends.4 [only before noun] formal and attended by people in authorityan official function/receptionThe official opening is planned for October. antonym unofficial