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/ˌɡloʊbələˈzeɪʃn/ globalization pronunciation American
the fact that different cultures and economic systems around the world are becoming connected and similar to each other because of the influence of large multinational companies and of improved communication
Usage notesAWL Collocations: globethe globe nounaround, across, throughout, all overIn this study, archaeological accounts from around the globe provide rich and varied examples on which to adjectiveeconomy, market, marketplace|climate|capitalism|scale, reachAn emerging global economy heralded social and cultural changes.globally adjectivereverberate|compete|expand|circulate|source somethingThe United States remains an attractive place for manufacturing companies to operate, and a base from which they can compete globally.competitive|dispersed, distributed|recognized|orientedThe algae are globally distributed, with greatest densities occurring in the Caribbean Sea.globalization nounengender something|entail somethingGlobalization has entailed the closer economic integration of the countries of the world.economic, free-market, market|corporate|cultural|politicalIn this article, I focus specifically on economic globalization.Usage notesTopic Collocations: International Relationstradefacilitate/regulate trade (with other countries)form/join a trading bloclive in/compete in a global/the world economysupport/promote free tradeadopt/call for/oppose protectionist measureserect/impose/reduce/remove trade barriersimpose/lift/raise/eliminate import tariffs (on something)have/run a huge/large/growing trade surplus/deficitembrace/resist/drive globalizationpolitics and lawhandle/talk about/discuss foreign policypursue an aggressive/a hawkish foreign policyrequire/use/conduct diplomacyestablish/break off/sever/restore diplomatic relations/tiesfoster/promote/strengthen regional cooperationfacilitate/achieve economic/political integrationexercise/defend/protect/transfer/restore/regain national/state/full/limited sovereigntyconsolidate/extend/lose/retain your power (in the region)hold/maintain/change/alter/shift the balance of power (in the region)cause/create/open/expose/heal/repair a deep/growing/major/serious rift between X and Ymeetings and agreementshave/hold/host/attend an international conference/an economic forum/a G20 summitlead/launch a new round of global/multilateral/world trade negotiationssend/head/lead/meet a high-level/an official/a trade delegationfacilitate/begin/start/continue/resume peace talksbe committed to/be opposed to/disrupt/undermine/derail/sabotage the peace processnegotiate/achieve a lasting political settlementbroker/sign a peace deal/agreement/treatyconflictbe/constitute/pose a threat to global securitycompromise/endanger/protect national securityjustify/be in favor of/support/be against/oppose military interventionthreaten/authorize/launch/take/support/oppose unilateral/preemptive military actionimpose/enforce/lift/end economic sanctions/an arms embargo/a naval blockadeclose/protect/secure/patrol the borderlead/be involved in a peacekeeping operationaidnegotiate/announce a $15 billion aid package/an economic stimulus packagesend/provide/request/cut off military aidbring/provide emergency/humanitarian reliefdeliver/distribute medical supplies/food suppliesfund/run a foreign/a local/an international NGOreduce/eradicate/combat/fight child/global/world poverty