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Definition of formula noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/ˈfɔrmyələ/ formula pronunciation American
plural formulas or, especially in scientific use, formulae
/ˈfɔrmyəli/ formulae pronunciation American
1 [countable] (mathematics) a series of letters, numbers, or symbols that represent a rule or lawThis formula is used to calculate the area of a circle.2 [countable] (chemistry) letters and symbols that show the parts of a chemical compound, etc.CO is the formula for carbon monoxide.3 [countable] a particular method of doing or achieving somethingThey're trying to work out a peace formula acceptable to both sides in the dispute.All the patients were interviewed according to a standard formula. formula for something/for doing somethingThere's no magic formula for a perfect marriage.4 [countable] a list of the things that something is made from, giving the amount of each substance to usethe secret formula for the blending of the whiskey5 (also formula milk) [uncountable, countable] a type of liquid food for babies, given instead of breast milk6 [countable] a class of racing car, based on engine size, etc.Formula One racing™7 [countable] a fixed form of words used in a particular situationlegal formulaeThe minister keeps coming out with the same tired formulas.