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Definition of finance noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/ˈfaɪnæns; fəˈnæns/ finance pronunciation American
1 [uncountable] the activity of managing money, especially by a government or commercial organizationthe finance director/department/committeea specialization in banking and financethe world of high finance (= finance involving large companies or countries)2 finances [plural] the money available to a person, an organization, or a country; the way this money is managedgovernment/public/personal financesIt's about time you got your finances in order.Buying a house put a severe strain on our finances.The firm's finances are basically sound.Usage notesTopic Collocations: Financeincomeearn money/cash/(informal) a fortunemake money/a fortune/(informal) a killing in the stock marketacquire/inherit/amass wealth/a fortunebuild up funds/savings/principal/equityreceive/leave (someone) an inheritance/a legacylive on a low wage/a fixed income/a pensionget/receive/draw/collect a pensiondepend/be dependent on welfare/social security/food stampsexpenditurespend money/your savings/(informal) a fortune on…invest/put your savings in.../into…throw away/waste/ (informal) shell out money on…lose your money/inheritance/pension/retirement savingsuse up/ (informal) wipe out all your savingspay (in) cashpay by/use a credit/debit cardpay by/use a/make out a/write someone a/accept a checkchange/exchange money/currency/traveler's checksgive/pay/leave (someone) a depositbankshave/hold/open/close/freeze a bank account/an accountcredit/debit/deposit something into/take money out of your accountdeposit money/funds into your accountwithdraw money/cash/$50 from an ATM, etc.make a deposit/withdrawalfind/go to/use an ATMbe in debit/in the black/in good standing (= have money in the bank)/in the red/overdrawn (= owe money to the bank)personal financemanage/handle/plan/run/organize your financesplan out/manage/work out/stick to a budgetoffer/extend credit (to someone)arrange for/take out a loan/overdraft protectionpay back/repay money/a loan/a debtpay for something in installmentsmake weekly/monthly paymentsfinancial difficultiesget into debt/financial difficultiesbe short on/ (informal) be strapped for cashrun out of/owe moneyface/get/ (informal) be slapped with a bill for $…can't afford the cost of…/payments/rentfall behind on the mortgage/payments/rentincur/run up/accumulate debtsdeclare/file for bankruptcytackle/reduce/settle your debts