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Definition of evaluate verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/ɪˈvælyuˌeɪt/ evaluate pronunciation American
to form an opinion of the amount, value, or quality of something after thinking about it carefully
synonym assess evaluate somethingOur research attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of the different drugs. evaluate how, whether, etc.…We need to evaluate how well the policy is working. evaluation
/ɪˌvælyuˈeɪʃn/ evaluation pronunciation American
noun [countable, uncountable]an evaluation of the health care system
/ɪˈvælyuˌeɪɪv/ evaluative pronunciation American
Usage notesAWL Collocations: evaluateevaluate verbcritically|objectively|quantitatively|carefully, rigorously|thoroughly|empirically|scientifically, systematicallyThis article critically evaluates the results of the two approaches.These probabilities can be evaluated empirically.effectiveness|effect|accuracy|hypothesis|usefulness|significance|performance|outcomeAlthough numerous statistical approaches can be used to evaluate the hypothesis, we will consider three here.designed toThis study is designed to evaluate two methods of teaching economics.difficult toThe evidence is difficult to evaluate and, in some respects, inconsistent.reevaluate verbperiodically|constantly, continually|criticallyThe strategy needs to be monitored and periodically reevaluated, and the measured results reported and acted upon.evaluation nouncareful, comprehensive, rigorous, thorough|initial|further|objective|subjectiveThe new management structure would create a rigorous evaluation system based on peer review.undergo|warrant|conductThis study conducts a thorough evaluation of current methodologies, and makes recommendations.