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Definition of dream noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/drim/ dream pronunciation American
1 [countable] a series of images, events, and feelings that happen in your mind while you are asleepI had a vivid dream about my old school.I thought someone came into the bedroom, but it was just a dream.“Goodnight. Sweet dreams.”Don't think about it. You'll only give yourself bad dreams. compare nightmare see also wet dream2 [countable] a wish to have or be something, especially one that seems difficult to achieveHer lifelong dream was to be a famous writer.He wanted to be rich but it was an impossible dream.If I win, it will be a dream come true.She tried to turn her dream of running her own business into reality.a dream car/house/job, etc.I've finally found the man of my dreams.a chance to fulfill a childhood dreamIt was the end of all my hopes and dreams. see also pipe dream3 [singular] a state of mind or a situation in which things do not seem real or part of normal lifeShe walked around in a dream all day. see also daydream4 [singular] (informal) a beautiful or wonderful person or thingThat meal was an absolute dream.IDIOMS

go/work like a dream

1 to work very wellMy new car goes like a dream.2 to happen without problems, in the way that you had plannedThe wedding celebrations went like a dream.go like a dreamwork like a dream

in your dreams

(informal) used to tell someone that something they are hoping for is not likely to happen“I'll be a manager before I'm 30.” “In your dreams.”in your dreams

like a bad dream

(of a situation) so unpleasant that you cannot believe it is trueIn broad daylight the events of the night before seemed like a bad a bad dream

not/never in someone's wildest dreams

used to say that something has happened in a way that someone did not expect at all
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd meet him again.not in wildest dreamsnever in wildest dreams