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Definition of decorate verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/ˈdɛkəˌreɪt/ decorate pronunciation American
1 [transitive] decorate something (with something) to make something look more attractive by putting things on itThey decorated the room with flowers and balloons.The cake was decorated to look like a car.2 [transitive] decorate something to be placed on something in order to make it look more attractive synonym adornPhotographs of actors decorated the walls of the restaurant.3 [intransitive, transitive] to put paint, wallpaper, etc. on the walls and ceilings of a room or house decorate somethingWe need to decorate the living room.The living room needs decorating.4 [transitive, usually passive] decorate someone (for something) to give someone a medal as a sign of respect for something they have doneShe was decorated for her efforts during the war.
Usage notesTopic Collocations: Decorating and Home Improvementhousesrefurbish/renovate a building/a houseconvert a building/house/room into homes/offices/ apartments/condominiums/condosextend/enlarge a house/building/room/kitchenbuild an addition (on/to something)/a sunroom/a deckknock down/demolish a house/home/building/wallknock out/down the wall separating two roomsdecoratingfurnish/paint/repaint a home/house/apartment/roombe decorated in bright colors/in a traditional style/with flowers/with paintingspaint/plaster the walls/ceilinghang/put up/strip off/remove (the) wallpaperinstall/replace/remove the bathroom fixturesbuild/put up shelveslay wooden flooring/timber decking/floor tiles/a carpet/a patio floorput up/hang/take down a picture/painting/poster/curtainhome improvementdo carpentry/the plumbing/the wiring (yourself)make home improvementsadd/install central heating/underfloor heating/insulationinstall double-glazing/a smoke alarminsulate your house/your home/the walls/the pipes/the tanks/the atticfix/repair a roof/a leak/a pipe/the plumbing/a leaking faucetblock/clog (up)/unblock/unclog a pipe/sink/drainmake/drill/fill a holehammer (in)/pull out/remove a nailtighten/loosen/remove a screwsaw/cut/treat/stain/varnish/paint wood