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Definition of bud noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


/bʌd/ bud pronunciation American
1 a small lump that grows on a plant and from which a flower, leaf, or stem developsthe first buds appearing in springThe tree is in bud already.2 a flower or leaf that is not fully open3 (informal) = buddyListen, bud, enough of the wisecracks, OK? see also rosebud, taste budUsage notesTopic Collocations: The Living Worldanimalsanimals mate/breed/reproduce/feed (on something)fish/amphibians swim/spawn(= lay eggs)birds fly/migrate/nest/singinsects crawl/fly/bite/stinginsects/bees/locusts swarmbees collect/gather nectar/pollenspiders spin/weave a websnakes/lizards shed their skinsbears/hedgehogs/frogs hibernateinsect larvae grow/develop/pupatean egg/a chick/a larva hatchesattract/find/choose a mateproduce/release eggs/spermlay/fertilize/incubate/hatch eggsinhabit a forest/a reef/the coastmark/enter/defend (a) territorystalk/hunt/capture/catch/kill preyplants and fungitrees/plants grow/bloom/blossom/flowera seed germinates/sproutsleaves/buds/roots/shoots appear/develop/formflower buds swell/opena fungus grows/spreads/colonizes somethingpollinate/fertilize a flower/plantproduce/release/spread/disperse pollen/seeds/sporesproduce/bear fruitdevelop/grow/form roots/shoots/leavesprovide/supply/absorb/extract/release nutrientsperform/increase/reduce photosynthesisbacteria and virusesbacteria/microbes/viruses grow/spread/multiplybacteria/microbes live/thrive in/on somethingbacteria/microbes/viruses evolve/colonize something/cause diseasebacteria break something down/convert something (into something)a virus enters/invades something/the bodya virus mutates/evolves/replicates (itself)be infected with/contaminated with/exposed to a new strain of a virus/drug-resistant bacteriacontain/carry/harbor bacteria/a viruskill/destroy/eliminate harmful/deadly bacteria