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Definition of bee noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


/bi/ bee pronunciation American
1 a black and yellow flying insect that can sting. Bees live in large groups and make honey (= a sweet sticky substance that is good to eat)a swarm of beesa bee stingBees were buzzing in the clover. see also beehive, beeswax, bumblebee, queen bee2 a meeting in a group where people combine work, competition, and pleasurea sewing bee see also spelling beeIDIOMS

as busy as a bee

very busy
as busy as a bee

the bee's knees

(informal, old-fashioned) an excellent person or thingShe thinks she's the bee's knees (= she has a very high opinion of herself).the bee's knees

the birds and the bees

(humorous) the basic facts about sex, especially as told to childrenthe birds and the bees

have a bee in your bonnet (about something)

(informal) to think or talk about something all the time, and to think that it is very importantOur teacher has a bee in his bonnet about punctuation.have a bee in your bonnethave a bee in your bonnet about