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Definition of available adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/əˈveɪləbl/ available pronunciation American
1 (of things) that you can get, buy, or findavailable resources/facilitiesreadily/freely/publicly/generally availableTickets are available free of charge from the school.When will the information be made available?Further information is available on request.This was the only room available.We'll send you a copy as soon as it becomes available.Every available doctor was called to the scene.2 (of a person) free to see or talk to peopleWill she be available this afternoon?The director was not available for comment. availability
/əˌveɪləˈbɪləi/ availability pronunciation American
noun [uncountable]the availability of cheap flights
Usage notesAWL Collocations: availableavailable adjectivebecomeFigure 4 shows the income of the university from the 1870s, when reliable data became available.make somethingSchools recognize the importance of making physics and mathematics available to all students.currently, immediately, presently|easily, freely, readily|publicly, widely|commerciallyBy the 1960s, computers were widely available in industry and at universities.Quartz sand is often used in water treatment because it is inexpensive and readily, information|optionOf the 234 nations for which data is available from the World Bank, the U.S. claimed a third of the income earned worldwide in 2001.Because Georgian Americans are small in number, less information is available about them than other ethnic groups.availability nounwidespread|limited|readyEconomic development was impressive, with the widespread availability of health and education facilities.The limited availability of clean water creates unsanitary conditions that can cause disease.