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Definition of affection noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/əˈfɛkʃn/ affection pronunciation American
1 [uncountable, singular] the feeling of liking or loving someone or something very much and caring about themChildren need lots of love and affection.He didn't show his wife any affection. affection for someone/somethingSuperman's affection for Lois LaneI have a great affection for New York.2 affections [plural] (formal) a person's feelings of loveAva had two men trying to win her affections.The object of her affections was a young man named Paul.
Usage notesTopic Collocations: Marriage and Divorceromancefall/be (madly/deeply/hopelessly) in love (with someone)be/believe in/fall in love at first sightbe/find true love/the love of your lifesuffer (from) (the pains/pangs of) unrequited lovehave/feel/show/express great/deep/genuine affection for someone/somethingmeet/marry your husband/wife/partner/fiancé/fiancée/boyfriend/girlfriendhave/go on a (blind) datebe going out with/dating a guy/girl/boy/man/womanmove in with/live with your boyfriend/girlfriendweddingsget/be engaged/married/divorcedarrange/plan a weddinghave a big wedding/a honeymoon/a happy marriagehave/enter into an arranged marriagecall off/cancel/postpone your weddinginvite someone to/go to/attend a wedding/a wedding ceremony/a wedding receptionconduct/perform a wedding ceremonyexchange rings/wedding vows/marriage vowscongratulate/toast/raise a glass to the happy couplebe/go on your honeymoon (with your wife/husband)celebrate your first (wedding) anniversaryseparation and divorcebe unfaithful to/ (informal) cheat on your husband/wife/partner/fiancé/fiancée/boyfriend/girlfriendhave an affair (with someone)break off/end an engagement/a relationshipbreak up with/ (informal) dump your boyfriend/girlfriendseparate from/be separated from/leave/divorce your husband/wifeannul/dissolve a marriagefile for/ask for/go through/get a divorceget/gain/be awarded/have/lose custody of the childrenpay alimony/child support (to your ex-wife/husband)